Choosing A Kid-Safe Neighborhood

Anyone with first-hand experience knows that moving can be (and usually is)a very stressful time, especially if you have children. There are so many things to take into consideration and the stakes can seem very high, particularly when purchasing a home as opposed to renting. Regardless of what type of dwelling you are planning on moving into, though, there are several variables that every family with children should consider carefully before deciding on a home and neighborhood.
As cliché as it may be, every parent’s motto when selecting a residential area should be, “safety first”. Know how to use the valuable tools available to you such as the internet and your local police department to gather crime reports and statistics on the areas that contain your neighborhoods of interest. Do not hesitate to make use of the National Sex Offender Database; even though no parent wants to think about their child becoming a victim, the best line of defense is to be constantly aware of what is in your surroundings. Spend time driving around potential neighborhoods and be on the lookout for indications of crime such as graffiti, bars on windows or doors, high fences, etc. Don’t forget to venture into surrounding areas, some neighborhoods can look and be relatively safe but have rough areas nearby that you will need to be aware of so that they can be safely avoided.
Be cautious of bodies of water that may be nearby. Even a tiny fish pond can present a real safety threat to small children. The presence of water may not be a deal-breaker in itself but make sure you carefully assess the situation and all of its variables. Important things to think about is how close the body of water is, how readily accessible is it to a child (for instance, is it fenced in), and how much experience your children have had with water.
Last but not least, factor in the amount of vehicular traffic near the homes you are interested in. Living close to busy streets can present multiple risks to families with children including increased threat of abduction in addition to the possibility of a variety of accidents that could result in a family member being struck by a car or truck. Try to find a place as far away from traffic as possible or at least one with sturdy fencing to prevent your child from having a direct path to the street. If you have young children, try to avoid homes with driveways that slope steeply down to busy roads.
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