Indoor Fun For Elementary Age Kids

By the time children reach elementary school, they are old enough to cooperate when it comes to playing indoors with minimal running and screaming. Children at this age love independence and enjoy doing more activities by themselves or with their friends and without the assistance of parents.

Board Games

Cranium Cadoo (ages 7-12) — This multidimensional creativity board game offers eight activities and 300 cards used to get kids thinking, laughing, creating and having fun.

Scavenger Hunt For Kids (ages 6-10) — This board game will have your child looking for simple household items. It’s a classic game of search and find.

Totally Gross: The Game (ages 8-14) — This game teaches kids all about the world of science with over 200 questions and activities.

Science Experiments at Home

Some indoor games for kids can be related to science, which can be quite intriguing although they are best when done under adult supervision.

Baking Soda Bubbles – A cool experiment to see how bubbles are formed.

Glue Making – Don’t be afraid to get a little sticky with this experiment.

Penny Polishing – Shine up coins from the piggy bank with this easy and fun project.

Pen And Paper Games

Tic-Tac-Toe Tournament – Just set up teams and playing times, and find out who the Tic-Tac-Toe champion is in your home.

Hangman – Use your child’s spelling list from school in this simple, at-home game. You can find many word puzzles that are fun and can help your child with spelling.

Battleship – The homemade version of the classic Battleship board game is easy and uses graph paper. Just draw in your ships and have fun!

Planning games for your children (especially if they are different ages) can be fun, but it also may take some time to get it right. Think about where you want the indoor games to be played, who will be participating, and when it’s all over, assess whether the kids will want to play them again.

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