A Daily Routine Can Make Children Feel More Secure (Part 1 of 2)

Establishing consistency and structure is often one of the biggest challenges that parents face. It’s also time consuming because these types of life skills are best learned by example and repetition, meaning consistency is key. However, a solid understanding of prioritizing and following through with routine tasks is absolutely imperative for children that will have to grow up and function in today’s fast-paced society.

While imposing a daily home schedule may seem restrictive, the opposite is actually true. Children function closer to their potential when they know that they can count on the adults in their lives to feel safe and secure and provide them with structure and some sort of a routine that they can grow accustomed to. Children, almost by definition, haven’t lived long enough nor experienced enough to have gained the maturity level required understand how to structure their time on their own (think Home Alone, and that kid did better than most unsupervised little ones would). These skills are learned from institutions such as schools, activities, clubs, and from the adults that they look up to.

For parents, establishing a family schedule provides much needed consistency and routines that keep everyone’s needs met on a daily basis, even in the busiest of households. If you look at American society in general, you’ll find time schedules regulating most everything we do. Companies have standard hours that fit into standard work weeks, schools offer classes with a clearly defined beginning and end, and mass transportation runs on a tight schedule in order to be dependable and therefore useful.

By creating and posting a daily schedule in your home including chores with specific times that tasks are expected to be performed and completed by, you are providing the structure and consistency that your children need in order to grow, mature, and feel comfortable within their lives. Schedules at home help regulate your children’s lives and give them a model to learn from that they can carry with them into their adult lives.

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