A Daily Routine Can Make Children Feel More Secure (Part 2 of 2)

A good place to start is with a morning routine that includes daily tasks required to get ready for each new day. Have a set time to be out of bed and a list of activities that need to be accomplished, including getting dressed, brushing teeth, combing hair, eating breakfast, and taking daily vitamins. Give a reasonable time frame to complete these activities, and, if possible, allow for a little down-time so that they don’t feel too rushed and as back-up minutes for those days when things don’t go quite according to schedule for one reason or another.

After breakfast, have your kids check their backpacks to ensure all necessary school supplies and homework are accounted for. This is also the time to grab gloves, jackets, etc. that might be in order depending on the weather.

Once you have set a workable morning regime, it is time to move on to evening plans that specifies when certain tasks should be started and finished by. This will likely include activities such as homework, dinner, showers, chores, and any other activities that need to take place on a daily basis. A consistent bedtime should also be established. Children should never be deprived of sleep.

Posting your family’s daily schedule for your children to reference and follow provides consistency and a foundation from which they can build on. It will also help you to keep your own day organized because you will now have a structure and schedule to manage your time effectively and efficiently as well and you will be able to easily stay tuned into what the rest of the family should be and is doing.

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