Room Dividers For Teens (Part 1 of 2)

Teenager’s crave privacy. It’s typical for a child, entering into their teenage years, to spend a little more time behind closed doors– perhaps with a sign reading, “Private: Do Not Disturb” tacked to their door. Attention from parents is just no longer the goal, and you’ll find that the child that once shared all with you may turn increasingly toward friends for support, companionship, and advice. The more safe space that you can allow for your teen, the better. Oftentimes, the more restrictive a parent becomes, the further away the child will try to pull.

If you have two kids sharing a bedroom, the teenage era can get a little rough. The teenager will be seeking privacy and independence, and yet you can’t build on another room just to meet his or her needs. This is where room dividers can come in very handy and save you and your children a lot of stress.
There are several kinds of room dividers on the market these days, and with a little creativity, you can make one work as a kid’s room divider – and it’ll help keep things harmonious on the home front.

First, there’s the standard-issue Japanese folding room divider screen. Traditional Japanese homes don’t rely on separate rooms the way Western homes do, and so they use these screens to cordon off spaces for privacy. They have the flexibility of being able to be moved according to the needs of the occupants. Plus, they’re lightweight, and relatively inexpensive. For under $200, you could get enough screen to turn a big room into two smaller ones, lending privacy to each side of the shared bedroom. Or is could simple disguise an overflowing toy box or or a closet that’s exuding a clothes-glacier.

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