Room Dividers For Teens (Part 2 of 2)

The Japanese screen has the advantage of also adding a clean line to any room, and they fit in with just about any décor. You can choose from dark or light stained wood, and from a variety of styles and materials for the inserts, from paper to bamboo to decoratively carved wood.

Plexiglas blocks are another viable option that will keep a room bright, while allowing for the feeling of separate room. These blocks can be stacked as high and wide as you wish, however, they’re not as easy to move from place to place and even room to room as the screens are. However, they do allow for more light to pass through them, maintaining an open, airy feel to the room, even though it’s closed in. The Plexiglas blocks will give a more contemporary look to a room then most other types of dividers.

If block or screens aren’t your thing, hanging curtains to separate a section of a room is also an option. Simply install hooks in the ceiling and hang a wooden rod from them, from which the curtain will hang. For a more finished look, use a curtain rod with filials. You can find rods– and, of course material– to match just about any style of décor.

Letting your teen make the final decision on what type of barrier to use is what the wisest parents with the most harmonious homes will do. Even if they think it’s less than tasteful. Remember that your children will have to try out different styles in order to find his or her own, and it may take some patience, smiles, and nods on your part along the way.

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