Fun Winter Bird Feeder Craft For Kids

Winter weather can lead to cooped up preschoolers in need of something fun to do. The next time your little gets a case of cabin fever, try this easy and fun project– it’s for the birds!

Better yet, you probably already have everything you’ll need to help your child create and cute and fully functional bird feeder.

Supplies Needed:
Pine cones
Yarn or twine
Creamy peanut butter
Bird seed
*Note: If pine cones aren’t readily available in your yard, try a walk through a local park. If you still don’t come across any, craft stores will usually carry a supply.

Put a big dollop of peanut butter on a plate and give your child a butter knife to spread the peanut butter all over the pine cone. For safety, make sure they stay seated while working. Repeat for however many pine cone bird feeders you wish to make.

Do this next step outside if possible– it can get messy! Pour some wild bird seed into a bowl, plate, or small bucket. Have your child roll the pine cones in the bird seed until completely covered.

Help your child tie a piece of yarn or twine around one end of each pine cone.

If you need to, sprinkle some more bird seed on the pine cones to make sure they are completely covered. It’s the fun part anyway!

Let your child choose where he or she wants to hang the completed pine cone bird feeders and then tie the bird feeders in place. If you can pick a spot where you can watch the bird traffic from inside– even better!
Sit with your child and watch for visiting birds. Keep a bird book and some binoculars nearby so that you can try to spot and name the different birds that frequent your neck of the woods.

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