Getting Organized: The Mailbox (Part 1 of 2)

I recently read an article that contained some really useful tips concerning the issue of keeping your mail organized (and a whole lot of really painful writing). The method it recommended is called “FAST”; this nifty little acronym stands for File, Act, Shred, Toss and it represents the four categories you should be sifting the contents of your mailbox into.

In addition to providing direction when it comes to sorting mail, there were also two principles put forth by the author:

Principle One: Managing Paper while in hand is most efficient.
Principle Two: A place for every type of paper

Principle One, (aka “Principal one” if you happened to be reading the same article I did), definitely meets my criteria for a logical statement. Once I read it, it seemed like I should have known to deal with my mail while I had it in my hand all along. But it’s overwhelming obviousness never stopped me from throwing the whole wad, junk mail and all, onto my desk for later review. In my defense, I guess I hadn’t ever given much thought to the efficacy of my personal mail-handling techniques regardless of how large and daunting the pile o’ mail grew to be.

Principle Two, on the other hand, really only reiterates the need for implementing the aforementioned FAST method of mail sorting. So, in case you didn’t completely understand the fundamental purpose behind the this new mail-management-methodology I’m prepared to bestow upon you– whoop, there it is.

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