Getting Organized: The Mailbox (Part 2 of 2)

Now, without further ado, here the three, simple steps that will lead you straight to mailbox nirvana…

1. Toss the Junk– Instead of carrying it in the house only to toss it in the spot it’s accustomed to accumulating dust, sift the junk mail in a waste basket strategically located inside your door. A removable “shredder top” for your waste basket comes in really handy for credit card offers or other pieces of mail that you don’t want but may contain personal information you don’t want falling in to the wrong hands. You’ll probably lighten your load by half during this first Toss/Shred step alone.

2. Bills in the Bill Box– This box can hang on the wall beside your door, a tray on your bill-paying desk, or whatever spot will ensure it stays highly visible. The Bill Box is the “A” or “Action” in the FAST method and the spot where all bills should immediately come to rest. I keep a cheat sheet on top of the Bill Box that lets me know the due dates of all my recurring bills. When one is about to come due, I grab yon Bill Box and be done with it.

3. Inbox Important Items– You’ve entered the home stretch– and you’ve probably only had mail in your hands for two minutes or less. The mail that remains now should be items that will require some form of further action. Maybe it’s a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon that you want to use this weekend or a bank statement that you’ll use when balancing your checkbook. Regardless of your motivation to keep these leftover pieces of mail, you’ll want an Inbox of some sorts where you can “F” for “File” them for later whatevering.

*Side effects may include paying bills on time and looking majorly organized.

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