Being Successful Working At Home (Part 2 of 2)

There are ways to combat this common problem, though. Make sure to bring up what your working hours will be in your family meeting. Stress to them that between those hours you are not to be disturbed except in the case of an emergency. If you have a separate office with a door that can be closed– use it as a visual cue that you are at work and should not be interrupted.

It’s also a good idea to locate your home office as far from family life and activities as possible. A back bedroom is a good option, so is a workable portion of your garage. Try to make your office comfortable while maintaining a professional working atmosphere. If possible steer clear of the kitchen, den, and living room and try not to spend social time in your office. This takes away from the healthy separation between your home life and your working hours that will allow you to function effectively in both roles.

Some parents that work in the home say that they often find themselves distracted by housework and other family needs. Having set work hours are helpful in this situation as well. Another way to reinforce the feeling of an “away” job and the increase in work responsibility it tends to illicit is by treating your home office just like any other office you’ve worked in. Each work day, shower, shave, put on work appropriate clothing, and be in your office ready to work at your set time.

Working at home is many people’s dream environment. This year alone thousands of people will open up a home office in hopes of success. Unfortunately, at lease 25% will fail within the course of the year and have to return to the conventional work force outside of the home.

Your personal level of commitment to your job and your ability to properly manage your time will be the determining factor of whether of not you will be able to succeed. Your family will also be depending on you and learning from your experiences. Don’t forget to balance that with the equally important amount of time that you set aside to spend with them. Work and family can thrive together with the proper planning, communication, and dedication. Good luck!

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  1. Gunady on

    I’m agree with you that home office should be located quite far from family life and activities. It’s also useful to avoid ourselves from distraction.

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