Ways To Support Families Dealing With Autism (Part 1 of 5)

With autism now occurring in approximately 1 out of every 150 births, it is extremely important for awareness of the disorder to be raised in all individuals, whether their family is currently affected or not. That statistic becomes even more frightening when you realize that about half of every 150 births are girls, who’s risk of exhibiting signs of autism is only 25% of that of there male counterparts. This means that the rate of autism for boys born today is about 1 in 80. These rates are in comparison to 1 out 10,000 births in 1983.

Autism is a brain development disorder that manifests itself in varying degrees of impaired social interaction and communication, and through repetitive and obsessive behaviors. These signs become noticeable in affected children before the age of three. There are also related conditions producing similar symptoms and behavior patterns that all fall under the umbrella of autism spectrum disorders, know as ASD.

Autism is considered to be fundamentally a genetic disorder passed through blood lines. However, the genetics of autism are highly complex and it is still unknown whether ASD is caused by mutations or by interactions of several or many genes. In some cases, autism has been connected with mutagenic chemicals including, but not limited to mercury.

Some parents and medical specialists believe that some childhood vaccines are to blame for the apparent rise in autism rates. This has not yet been supported by enough convincing scientific evidence to provide a legal basis for these claims. That having been said, a recent independent report gathered by SurveyUS, funded by Generation Rescue (Jenny McCarthy’s non-profit autism organization), found that there was a 155% higher instance of autism and ADHD (another neurological development disorder) in vaccinated children than those than were not vaccinated.

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