Ways To Support Families Dealing With Autism (Part 2 of 5)

Having a child is hard work. Having a child with a mental or physical disability, especially one as poorly understood as autism, is extremely tiring and very emotionally taxing. Many parents of disabled children find that friends and family members have a difficult time relating to their situation and to their children and often stop visiting or even contacting the family. This can lead to a terrible feeling of isolation at a time when family and friendships are most needed.

Children with autism are often not recognized as being disabled by those around them because there are no visible signs of the disorder. This causes their atypical and often unruly behavior to be seen as a behavioral or parenting problem as opposed to the neurological abnormality that it is. This article is an attempt to help non-affected individuals and families understand ways to make a difference to men and women trying to successfully raise a child or children with autism or other special needs. Many of these suggestions are almost effortless and require a very small amount of your time, yet they can mean the world to a family with a special needs child. My brother is autistic so it is geared more to children with autism although it can serve as a starting point for helping families facing many types of challenges.

1. Children with autism tend to function on quite a bit less sleep than “normal” children. This leads to parents of these children getting less sleep themselves. Stop over when you have an hour to spare so that one or both of the caretakers can have a chance to nap, take a relaxing bath, watch television uninterrupted, read a book, or simple unwind for an little while. This will allow them to recharge their heavily taxed internal batteries.

To be continued!

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