Ways To Support Families Dealing With Autism (Part 4 of 5)

9. Never try to give advice on what they “should” or “should not” do as far as their child is concerned. Parents will almost always know what is best for their child and will almost always be getting decision making assistance from trained therapists and other specialists, regardless of how well intended your attempts may be.

10. When you would like to get together with the family, do it at their home. The child will likely be safer, more comfortable, and if a problem does arise, they will be in a better place to deal with it or end the visit without further complications.

11. If you have extra prepared food, consider dropping off a few portions to save the family some extra effort for an evening. Or simply bring by a batch of cookies when the fancy strikes you, just to brighten up their day.

12. Never try to force an autistic child to do something, go somewhere, or eat something that they are unwilling to do. Many autistic children have a difficult time with some particular places, noises, and/or textures.

13. Try to remember to stay calm around the child at all times. If you would like to give or purchase a gifts for the child, choose more soothing, quieter items rather than noisy toys. Many autistic children are sensitive to sound volume, echoes, and unexpected noises.

14. If you have children, talk with them about what makes the child similar to them, as well as different. Make sure you are giving them factual information and help them to understand ways to interact positively with the child. The child may not like to be touched but may enjoy watching movies with your children very much.

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