Ways To Support Families Dealing With Autism (Part 5 of 5)

15. Don’t force any type of unwanted affection, no matter how harmless it may seem to you. If the child is doing a disruptive behavior try redirecting their intention instead of focusing on the negative action to reduce stress on the chair and further outbursts. Never try to suppress or stop hand flapping, rocking, humming, or other similar behaviors. The children often use these actions in order to calm themselves and make them feel safe and should not be interfered with by anyone other than a parent or trained person. Pay attention to the child’s mannerisms. They will help you to gauge how the child is responding to the current situation and give you signs of when you should try to redirect their attention before an upset occurs.

16. Remember to keep doors closed and a very close eye on special needs children when they are outside. Some autistic children are prone to wandering off and could easily get lost, abducted, or injured.

17. Never be judgmental. Parents of special needs children are often exhausted and still doing the best they can to provide their children with the added care and understanding they need. Telling them about parenting techniques that you use with your children is not as helpful as you might want to believe. What type and combination of rewards and discipline works differs from child to child, especially when they are autistic or have other neurological problems.

You might be surprised to find how little effort goes into being there to lend a helping hand to a family that could use it from time to time. You’ll also more than likely find that the effort and time it does take, is paid for many times over by the rewarding feelings and relationships you will gain in the process.

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