Save Green By Going Green At Home This Spring (Part 2 of 4)

Water consumption is also something to consider when you’re attempting to make your home more ecologically friendly while saving money at the same time. One good place to start saving water is by making sure your toilets are not wasting unnecessary amounts of water when they are flushed. If your toilet was manufactured before 2000 it is likely that it uses approximately three and a half gallons of water every time it is flushed. Since then, government mandates have been put in place that require toilets to use only one or two gallons each time they are flushed. If you find that you have one of the older, more wasteful varieties, there are kits that you can purchase and install that will cut down on the amount of water that it uses.

Installing a low flow shower head is another great way to cut down on your home’s water usage. You might be shocked to find out that a typical shower head puts out around eighty gallons of water every minute! Low flow shower heads can drastically reduce the amount of water that is being wasted through the taking of showers in your house. Similarly, faucet aerators can be installed to decrease the amount of water wasted during tooth brushing, dish rinsing, and other daily household tasks that involve you using your sink.

By making small changes around your home, you will probably start to see other areas that could use improvement and make your home more efficient and eco-sound. Tinting your home’s windows is another minor improvement you could make. Doing so will help you to save energy all year round by blocking the suns rays in the summer months and doing a better job of holding in heat during the cold winters.

Don’t forget to protect those you love and care for the most with a home security system, which can provide a lifeline in case of medical emergencies, fires, and of course burglaries. I personally recommend ADT home security systems. ADT is the leading provider of home security systems in the U.S., with more than 100 years of experience.


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