Save Green By Going Green At Home This Spring (Part 3 of 4)

Even normal maintenance tasks can work to make your home run cleaner and cheaper if kept up on properly. By cleaning and replacing your furnace and air conditioner filters you will be making it possible for them to consume less energy while serving their purpose, it will also improve your overall heating and cooling affect.

If your home or apartment is older, you may not have a digital thermostat installed. These can help you save money by allowing you to be very specific about the temperature you want it set at. If you do have one of the older types that you program by turning a circular plate or by sliding a lever, you would benefit greatly from updating to a programmable, digital thermostat. And the best part is– you can often get your electric company to come out and install the new one completely free of charge.

Electric companies too are become more savvy about energy conservation and many companies will not only do the installation of your new digital thermostat for free, they will also provide it to you at no cost as well. Having one of the new digital type thermostats will allow you to set your temperature precisely so you can better keep tabs on whether or not you are keeping your heating and cooling at an efficient setting. Having your thermostat set within the recommended guidelines will not only save on energy but will also make you heating and cooling bills more stable and predictable which will help make household budgeting easier.

The best part about all of these money and energy saving modifications is that they can be done gradually. Every little bit helps– even turning your thermostat down a couple degrees during the winter and setting it slightly higher than you otherwise might be accustomed to in the summer will help you spend less on your heating and cooling costs and conserve energy at the same time.

Don’t forget to protect those you love and care for the most with a home security system, which can provide a lifeline in case of medical emergencies, fires, and of course burglaries. I personally recommend ADT home security systems. ADT is the leading provider of home security systems in the U.S., with more than 100 years of experience.


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