Indoor Gardens for Decoration and Function (Part 2 of 4)

We discussed last time that natural lighting is the cheapest and most obvious sources of light for your indoor gardening efforts. Due to your living location, situation or other circumstances, you might not get enough “window light” for plants that require more sun. If you don’t get good lighting where you plan on growing, a good but slightly more expensive option is to use a strong artificial light source setup such as metal halide, halogen or sodium lighting fixtures. Keep in mind, going this route can require a bit of money and some know-how to install and keep these systems and components functioning properly.

The next thing to consider for your green thumb efforts are the types of containers you will be using for this endeavor. Container gardening has become very popular due to many city dwellers’ desire to be able to grow a garden despite having no outdoor area to grow in. Another great thing about container gardening is that the containers themselves are very mobile and can moved around to adjust to their proper lighting requirement.

When it comes to container selection, the sky is the limit. Many people use antique baskets and planters, coffee mugs (for starter plants or smaller herbs), pottery, coffee tins, watering cans or basically anything that can hold soil and drain water properly. A big consideration will be to ensure that the containers selected will complement the style, colors and feel of your indoor decorating situation. Beautiful artisan glazed planting pottery has become more and more popular as indoor gardening interest increases, and more often than not, these types of containers will come with a matching saucer to put under the container to catch any excess water draining. Nothing can boost the appearance of a beautiful Dracaena Spike plant in your family room like an equally attractive and fitting container that will help to spruce up your home in the meantime.

Next time, we’ll talk a little bit about appropriate container sizes and watering requirements.

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