Indoor Gardens for Decoration and Function (Part 3 of 4)

When considering containers to use for indoor gardening, function is just as important, if not more so than style. When you buy most plants in stores and greenhouses, they will come with a tag on them that indicates lighting and watering requirements, as well as full-size growth expectancy. This is important to keep in mind when providing containers.

Root systems for many plants need much more room to grow within the soil than you might imagine. It is always good to do research about the plant species you are buying to ensure that you aren’t planting it in a container that will restrict it’s root growth and size potential. If it is a fast growing plant, you’ll want to re-pot it in a larger container when the time comes. Usually you will be able to tell that your plant needs a container upgrade when there is a change in growth rate or if you notice that the bottom leaves are dying. This can sometimes indicate that the container is restricting the rooting system from freely growing and is starting to tangle and choke itself with its own roots, cutting off much-needed nutrients to parts of the plant.

This brings us to watering your indoor plant garden(s). Just like lighting and growth container requirements, every plant species has individualized water needs. The internet has an abundance of information for every plant out there, so do a little research for the plants you’re buying to ensure that you don’t drown or parch your new living home inhabitants. With this being said, the general rule is that you should water your indoor garden much in the same way that you would an outdoor one. Generally, most plants suitable for indoor gardening should have slightly moist soil at most all times, although be careful not to over water as this could cause your new plants to drown. Some plants tend to do better if you allow enough time to pass for the first inch or two of the soil to become dried out, followed by a thorough watering.

Next time we will discuss the last, but not least, important aspect of fertilization.

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