Indoor Gardens for Decoration and Function (Part 4 of 4)

Now that we’ve gone over a few of the basics of starting a successful indoor garden at home such as lighting requirements, container options, and general watering tips, it’s time to delve into the important subject of fertilization. Many people spend the time and money to acquire and attempt to grow plants without ever considering that they need to be fed as well as watered.

Just like lighting, watering, and containers, fertilizer requirements will vary from plant to plant. Most generally, plants with a faster grow rate such as tomatoes and many other vegetables, will require a more frequent fertilizing than plants with a slower growth rate, which in some cases, do not even require fertilizer.

Fertilizer comes in liquid, pebble, sticks, powders, etc., as well as many other forms and application types. You will want to read the instructions carefully to insure that you do not over fertilize. If you decide to go with many of the available liquid fertilizers, be sure to double check the label to see if the mix is concentrated. If so, carefully follow the dilution instructions to ensure you don’t shock the plant. Never believe that more fertilizer is always better! One tell-tell sign of too much fertilization is dried or burned leaves.

Now that we have gone over the technical aspects, the only other important thing to keep in mind is that gardening indoors, much like outdoor gardening, is a chore as well as a hobby. This will require your patience, care, and the ability to go through the trials and tribulations of starting a new venture. The more research you do, and the dirtier your hands get, the better. And once you are done, you can sit back and enjoy your living decorative environment that will spruce up any bland or stagnant room with lush greenery for many years to come, as well as provide vegetables and fresh herbs for meals your family will love.

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