Houseplants for Health

Aside from their obvious beauty, there are plenty of great reasons to have houseplants and other types of indoor gardens in your home. Beautifully ornate and lush tropical plants can spruce up any bare room, bringing life into an otherwise stagnant and dull room, hallway or other living area.

Having a lot of plants give home dwellers that great “outside feeling” that we all so desperately need in these days of computer monitors and PC towers. What many aren’t aware of is that any kind of plant, from tropical to vegetable, can help to drastically reduce stress levels, through simulation of a more natural environment.

The great thing about house plants is that they are easy to care for with minimal effort, provided you understand your plants’ watering, lighting and feeding needs and you will be well on your way. The only thing left is to pick out some great looking plants that you prefer and that will thrive in your home. The internet is a vast source of free plant care knowledge!

Plants thrive on carbon dioxide, and through their own natural process, let off large amounts of life-vital, breathable air. And with the Earth’s rainforests and other natural environments being destroyed at a faster rate than an acre a minute, we need all the plants we can handle. Your home’s air will be much fresher, as well as less dry, as most plants will slightly increase the ambient humidity in your living space. This will lead to more comfortable, slightly improved sleeping conditions and fewer bloody noses during the dry winter months.

Once you realize how easy houseplants are, and how stylishly soothing they can be for you and your family, as well as the environment, there’s little reason why anyone shouldn’t consider getting a houseplant or two.

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