Your Child’s First Pet (Part 1)

Owning and caring for a pet can be a wonderfully educational and fulfilling experience. Not only will you want to be emotionally ready to welcome a pet into your home, you’ll want to do your research as well. Children, as well as animals, are so varied that it’s important you find that perfect pairing, as well as follow some general guidelines regarding your children and pet ownership.

Depending on which type of animal you go with, your children will be able to learn, through interaction, different independence and responsibility lessons. All the follies and fun that you remembered with your own childhood pets can be experienced again. You might even get to educate your children on animal births if you find yourself with expecting pets.

The learning will never stop, whether you get a dog or seahorses, although both carry their own types of care and levels of responsibilities that both you and your child should understand and agree upon before you get the pet. It’s important for the well being and safety of the animal, as well as your family that your child knows that the pet’s life is dependent on the responsibility that they have agreed to, and any negligence could result in the animal getting sick or possibly dying. Some proper forms of exercise, along with care and daily attention, are required for all pets, fins and feathers alike.

The best thing to do is to start with something small and safe, and work your way up as the child grows in age and responsibility. Depending on what type of pet you are considering, rescuing from local shelters is always the best option when possible.

Next time, we’ll go over a few tips that will help to make your child’s first pet ownership a rewarding experience, as well as go over some specifics regarding the safest and best fit for your child.

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