Your Child’s First Pet (Part 2)

Last time we went over the groundwork for the decision to get that first pet for your child. While this will be a safe and happy addition to your home, it’s important to fully understand this decision to ensure the happiness and safety of both your family and the animals involved. Doing your research and being fully prepared for the type of pet you choose to take on will definitely make this first experience a fulfilling one.

Many experts would suggest smaller and easier to care for animals such as hamsters, fish, some birds, or guinea pigs as great starter animals for most children.

Freshwater tropical fish have the advantage of being fully contained within an aquarium, so a lot of responsibilities that are associated with other types of pets will not apply there. In a nicely arranged aquarium, tropical fish can make beautiful living decoration for any room in the house, allowing the whole family to enjoy their calming effects.

One thing to consider with fish, however, is that trickier maintenance tasks such as safely and effectively cleaning the inside of the aquarium can prove to be too complex in nature, or just too much responsibility for young children. Because of this, you will be expected to do things such as vacuum the gravel and scrub any decorations or inner glass panes to remove excess algae if needed. It will be important to stay vigilante and make sure that no foreign substances, such as dish soap or other dangerous chemicals, accidentally get into the tank. It should also be noted that saltwater fish are considerably harder and more expensive to care for, and only experts in the field should ever try to achieve that undertaking. Freshwater fish are cheaper, much more durable, and just as neat.

This being said, depending on the interactive responsibility level of your child or children, fish may be the perfect “starter pet”, as long as its well understood that fish are observational pets only, and can’t survive outside the tank!

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