Your Child’s First Pet (Part 4)

We’ve been discussing some good options for a child’s first pet, and how to make them understand the level of commitment and responsibility that animal require. It’s important that you are sure your child is ready to take this on, and that it’s not an impulse want that leads to animal neglect. Last time we went over the positives of tropical fish and rodent ownership, let’s talk about our feathered friends.

Birds can be wonderful pets, but for younger children, there a few avian types that will be better than others. Canaries, finches and even cockatiels are good candidates as they are easiest to care for, although it should be noted that handling birds, especially finches, could cause the spread of salmonella if your children don’t wash their hands properly and thoroughly after each handling. It’s very important for both you and your child to understand that birds can carry diseases and parasites. Daily cage cleaning, keeping the bird away from food and food preparation areas, as well as proper hand washing practices will greatly reduce the probability of any issues in this department.

Parakeets are another good option, as they tend to be good-natured, tolerate handling well, and can even learn to talk or mimic sounds that it hears regularly. The cost for parakeets and supplies are very cheap, which is an added bonus in today’s economic slump. Birdseed, in general, is considerably cheaper than say, dog or cat food, and you can always use recycled newspaper for cage lining, so the most expense will probably be the cage. As long as wingspan is taken into consideration, you should only ever need one cage for the bird’s life.

A bird is slightly more work than rodents or fish, but it can be very rewarding for your home and family. Next, we’ll go over a couple other great options for older children who bigger responsibilities well.

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