Adult Children And House Rules (Part 1)

Living with your adult children can be tricky business. Although they are still you children, they are also adults and should act and be treated accordingly. This extends to the rules that you can impose upon them while they are still living under your roof or relying on your financial support. Regardless of where and how your children are living and providing for themselves, you will need to adjust to the idea that you will not and should not have the same type of control over their life and conduct as you did before they turned eighteen. Understand where and when to draw the line is an important part of the learning process for you and your adult children and will make everyone’s experience more enjoyable, predictable, and manageable.

It is hard on any parent to watch their children make mistakes and yet it is a vital part of learning and maturing. You always retain the right to voice your opinion, but when you find yourself with the urge to intervene in their lives, ask yourself if they are in any direct and immediate danger from their actions. If not, you should simply remind yourself that they are adults now and they have the right to make their own choices as well as face any consequences that their choices may lead to, good or bad. These are the times when all you can do is hope that all those years of instruction on how to take care of themselves and be a functional member of society will serve them well. Still, as your children struggle (because at times they all will), keep in mind that everyone learns from the mistakes we make, and we all make them, no matter how old or experienced we may be.

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