Adult Children And House Rules (Part 2)

For these reasons, it is important that if your adult children will be living with you, the rules you set as “House Rules” should focus exclusively on the household. Here are some common topics you will want to come to an understanding about:

Rent. This is usually the easy part. Still, you’ll want to make sure all parties are very clear on what is expected, and when. Make sure to discuss these important issues: How much? Does the rent amount you agree on cover shelter only, or are food, utilities, and other expenses such as long distance telephone service or cable television also covered? If food is not included in the rent, will your child be responsible for buying their own groceries, or contribute to the household’s grocery bill? If they are contributing to the household’s total grocery bill, will they pay a set amount each month or will it vary based on each particular month’s expenditure. When will the grocery money come due? When is the rent due, and what happens if it is paid late? Will you require your child to pay a deposit? If so, will the deposit be returned completely or partially when they move out if certain conditions are met? If there are conditions, what are they?

Company. If you choose, it is perfectly reasonable for you to set hours for entertaining guests. You’ll also want to set ground rules pertaining to visiting rules where members of the opposite sex are concerned, and how late company is welcome in the house. To be fair, house rules should apply to every member of the household unconditionally.

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