Adult Children And House Rules (Part 3)

Chores: Adult children should be solely responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their own living spaces. If there are common areas that multiple members of the household will share, there will need to be a chore schedule or general agreement that will work for everyone. If the laundry room is to be shared, you might want to consider giving each member an official laundry day so that you don’t run into any conflicts in timing.

Other rules: Because it is your household, you retain the right to ban specific behaviors and certain items such as, for example, alcohol, drugs, and swearing from your home. If you think something will have a negative impact on your home or its inhabitants, especially any underage children that may be present, you should make sure that your adult children know and will respect your wishes. Make sure to keep these rules focused on the home environment, not what your grown-up children do when they are away from home.

Children and pets: If your adult children have children of their own that will be living in your home with them, they should be expected to keep their children supervised and cared for and instructed on how to abide by the house rules. Everyone in a household should have the right to at least a certain degree of privacy and everyone should respect each others belongings. If your adult children are bringing pets into the household, they should be expected to take proper care of them and take financial responsibility for any damages that they might cause.

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