The Forgotten Room – The Hallway

Many of us don’t forget the important parts of being a homeowner – proper lawn care, routine safety inspections, having a good reputable security system backed by a solid company such as ADT, and the overall decoration and feel of your home. We spend hours and thousands of dollars to ensure that the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom are beautifully coordinated and decked out for all visitors to see. One room that many people neglect is the one place in your house that most don’t even consider to be a room – your hallway.

Even small, one-bedroom apartments have at least a small form of hallway, and most older or larger homes have long halls that connect the other rooms we spend so much time decorating. It’s not often that your guests will be able to make it from your den or living room to the bathroom without passing through these thresholds.

You will want to keep in mind the intentional functionality of hallways, being the act of getting from one location to another within your home, easily and quickly. This doesn’t mean that your hall has to be bland and devoid of interior design. If size permits, you may even be able to have a furniture piece such as a nice end table that would be perfect for displaying a nice art sculpture or even a low maintenance plant such as a pothos. Plants are always a cheap way to bring some life into an otherwise dull atmosphere.

Consider the flooring and possibly getting an attractive runner rug. Not only will this protect your flooring in high traffic areas, it provides something else for the wandering eye to settle on other than plain walls. Forget the endless collages of framed family photos that line many hallways, as a mantle or other focal point serves as a much better location for these cherished images. A few other ideas include using wood or wallpaper bordering to enhance the hallway trim. In a time where most forget the hallway decoration all together, it only takes a small item or augmentation to have these corridors stand out to you and your visitors.


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