Go Green In the Baby’s Room

We all understand the importance of home protection, and having a good security system provider such as ADT, but homeowners can often overlook a few decoration considerations that can not only protect your baby, but also protect the planet.

After the health-crazed late 80’s, and the complete culture of excess that was the late 90’s and early millennium, our global senses have finally been attuned to the fact that the Earth is not invulnerable to the actions of its habitants. Everywhere you look, on every product out there, is that new marketing buzz term “green” and “eco-friendly”.

Recycling, car pooling, and doing what you can to reduce your carbon footprint are the most publicized ways that we all can do what we can to ensure that the Earth is still here for our children. Speaking of children, thanks to this sudden rebirth of global consciousness, you can now make sure that even your baby’s nursery is ecologically responsible and much safer for your newborn. Here are a few ideas for consideration:

1.When it comes to painting your baby’s room, the most important thing to keep in mind is to use a low-fume, chemical and toxin-free paint. Most new eco-style paints are composed of safe organic compounds, as opposed to the more commonly used synthetic chemicals.

2.What touches your baby’s skin must be soft and as chemical-free as possible. Bamboo and organic cotton are easily your best bets for crib bedding, as well as swaddles, diapers, and clothing. The problem with most baby clothing is that they are made or treated with toxic chemicals that can not only irritate your baby’s skin, but can also lead to the development of allergies.

3.The crib pillow is one object that your child’s head and face touch and breath in the most, so it’s very important to get an organic pillow that are made with bamboo linens, untreated or bleached cotton fibers, or an organic pillow that is stuffed with buckwheat.

Hopefully these few tips will help new parents make the right decision. There are more options as well obviously, including bamboo flooring, jute or bamboo rugs and using only all natural air fresheners. As long as the bedding and immediately close area near the crib are as chemical and toxin free as possible, you’ll be doing your part to help save the environment and your child.

And again, for overall safety of your family and your newborn, I strongly suggest ADT for home security.


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