Summer Birthdays: Steps To A Fun And Safe Party Part 2 of 3

Harmful Litter and Objects

Regardless of whether the party will be on your property or in a public area, make sure to take some time out to pick up trash, sticks, fallen tree branches, and other potentially harmful debris from the party area. While you are at it, scan the yard as you walk for any holes which could cause a trip and fall or a twisted ankle. Also be on the lookout for poisonous plants such as poison ivy, poison oak, or bushes or trees with edible-looking berries that could make children sick. If there are trees or man-made structures nearby, check branches, trunks, eaves, gutters, and overhangs for hornet’s, bee’s, or wasp’s nests and make sure to find out if anyone at the party have severe allergic reactions to insect stings. If so, and perhaps just as a precautionary measure, it would be a good idea to have an epi-pen on hand in the event of such an emergency.

If there are sandboxes or sand under a play structure for shock absorption, rake through the sand thoroughly to make sure there is no broken glass or other sharp objects.

Party Favors

Check party favor packaging for age suitability recommendations and make sure to stay within the guidelines. If there will be small children present, consider going with higher quality favors as cheap ones have the tendency to break apart which can pose a serious choking hazard or cause cuts with their sharp, broken plastic edges.


Providing supplies for proper hand washing is also a very important aspect when it comes to the health and safety of the children. Make sure that food and drink servers wash their hands often and that all the guest wash or sanitize their hands thoroughly before eating.

Another aspect of protecting your family is keeping your home safe from intruders with a quality alarm system from a trusted company such as ADT.  Summer time means higher crime, so check out the great ADT deals that are going on now.


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