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Keep Kids Safe: Bathroom Safety

Did you know that the average American will spend almost half their lives in the bathroom? It might sound like just another piece of worthless trivia, but it’s actually just one of several reasons why the bathroom should be given special consideration when it comes to home safety. Slips and falls inside the bathroom can result in serious injuries or even death. The bathroom is also a high-risk area when it comes to drowning and electrocutions. This is why every family, especially those with children, should take time out to make their bathrooms as safe as can be.

1. Never, ever leave children in the bathtub without responsible, adult supervision for any amount of time. Drowning can and does happen in a matter of seconds.

2. Install sturdy grab-bars in easy to reach places where falls could occur, lay down a non-slip mat or grip stickers in the bottom of the tub, and purchase a padded cover to slip over your tub faucet.

3. Toilet seat locks are a great idea for families with toddlers afoot. Curious and top-heavy, toddlers are at risk of fall head-first into the toilet, which should be avoided for reasons just as numerous as they are obvious.

4. The bathroom trash can be a dangerous place for children and pets. A covered wastebasket is recommended but, even so, be cognizant of what you’re throwing away and where. Bathroom cleaners, razors, medicine, vitamins, and other potentially harmful items should be disposed of well away from exploring hands and paws.

5. Avoid electrocution by keeping electrical appliances away from water, unplugged when not in use, and out of the reach of children at all times. Plastic plug guards are a safe, inexpensive way to keep water splashes, fingers, and just about everything else out of outlets and sockets.

6. The medicine cabinet can be risky business for families with children if the proper care is not taken. All medications, whether over-the-counter or otherwise should be kept where children cannot get to them. Even when stored in a safe location, purchase bottles with child-proof caps whenever available.

7. Keep the bathroom floor free of water, lotions, cleaners or other slick substances that can increase your family’s risk of falls.

8. Consider installing a simple lock, such as the hook-and-eye type, to keep children out of the bathroom altogether when there isn’t an adult present to supervise.

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