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Choosing The Right Neighborhood For Your Family Part 2 of 4

Judging whether or not a neighborhood offers enough other families for your family members to interact with is only part of choosing a great neighborhood to purchase a home in. Another very important element when it comes to neighborhood selection is the school district your children will be placed into. This is especially important for families that are planning to send their children into the public school system. If you opt to go with a private school, you will want to go ahead and find one in the area, close enough so that you can provide your child with timely and reliable transportation, that you will be happy with. This should be done even if the prospect of school is still years away for your children. It’s also wise to have more than one good option for your child’s education available in the area just in case your financial situation, your child’s learning needs, or the available of the school or program that you are interested in enrolling your child in happens to change.

One website to check out if you are looking for information on the school systems in particular areas is They have information regarding the number and type of schools located within a specified zip code, the student population of those schools, and other pertinent information. If you have young children, or may have one in the future, you will also want to look into child care options as well as early learning centers and preschools. More and more parents are discovering the benefits that come from enrolling their young children into educational and social programs prior to kindergarten and you will want to be well versed on your options and alternatives as far as that is concerned. These types of programs should be looked into well before you will require their services as, depending on the area and program, some tend to have extensive waiting lists that can be months or even years long.

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Choosing The Right Neighborhood For Your Family Part 1 of 4

Finding a home that your family will be happy with is only one step in buying process. Just because you and the other members of your family like the house itself, doesn’t necessarily mean that the home will be a good fit for you. You also have to take into consideration the location and all that that entails. You will want to be within comfortable range of your workplace, if you work outside of the home, as well as other needs such as grocery stores and hospitals, and you will also need to put some thought into whether or not the neighborhood is right for you, your spouse, and any children you may have now or in the future. This is a big decision and has the potential to impact you for quite some time so you will need to give it careful consideration.  You will want a home security firm such as ADT as well.

If you already have children or plan to, you will want to look for a neighborhood where there are other families with children already present. This serves two main purposes, it lets you know that your neighbors will be tolerant of children and alert to their presence, it also gives you and your spouse the opportunity to have peers that are also raising children nearby for support and companionship for yourselves as well as your children. Having other children nearby will encourage your child to develop social skills and friendships that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Having parents in the area that you can build relationships with will give everyone a sense of community and offer the opportunity to make lasting friendships with people who have things in common with you. Knowing and having friendly relationships with your neighbors also makes communities safer, along with an ADT security system. Everyone can look out for each others homes and children, and even the parents when hard times strike.

Summer Birthdays: Steps To A Fun And Safe Party Part 2 of 3

Harmful Litter and Objects

Regardless of whether the party will be on your property or in a public area, make sure to take some time out to pick up trash, sticks, fallen tree branches, and other potentially harmful debris from the party area. While you are at it, scan the yard as you walk for any holes which could cause a trip and fall or a twisted ankle. Also be on the lookout for poisonous plants such as poison ivy, poison oak, or bushes or trees with edible-looking berries that could make children sick. If there are trees or man-made structures nearby, check branches, trunks, eaves, gutters, and overhangs for hornet’s, bee’s, or wasp’s nests and make sure to find out if anyone at the party have severe allergic reactions to insect stings. If so, and perhaps just as a precautionary measure, it would be a good idea to have an epi-pen on hand in the event of such an emergency.

If there are sandboxes or sand under a play structure for shock absorption, rake through the sand thoroughly to make sure there is no broken glass or other sharp objects.

Party Favors

Check party favor packaging for age suitability recommendations and make sure to stay within the guidelines. If there will be small children present, consider going with higher quality favors as cheap ones have the tendency to break apart which can pose a serious choking hazard or cause cuts with their sharp, broken plastic edges.


Providing supplies for proper hand washing is also a very important aspect when it comes to the health and safety of the children. Make sure that food and drink servers wash their hands often and that all the guest wash or sanitize their hands thoroughly before eating.

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Selecting The Right Babysitter (Part 2 of 2)

4. The final step in the selection process should be a meeting that includes your child as well. This should take place after you have narrowed your potential caretakers down to two or three. Letting your child be involved in the final selection process (assuming they are of an age that they will be able to express their feelings to you) can increase both you and your child’s comfort level. Even if your child is too young to communicate their assessment of the individuals you have selected, you can often gain a very good idea of their level of comfort just by observing them interact with potentials.

Once you have made your decision, try to start by only being away for short durations. This will allow your child to gradually become accustomed to being watched by someone other than a family member. It will also let you, the parent, become comfortable with the quality of care being provided which will ease your own inevitable feeling of separation anxiety.

By the way, it is perfectly reasonable (and recommended) to periodically make unannounced visits while your child is being cared for by a babysitter. This will allow you to see for yourself how care is being handled while you are away. Another great way to gain insight, when older children are being cared for is to ask them specific questions about what goes on while you are away. Always make sure to encourage your children to share information with you, whether it’s positive or otherwise and be sure to tell them often that you trust and value their feelings and opinions. This will raise your chances for maintaining open and honest communication that can allow you to spot problems before they become serious situations.

Take care, and happy hunting!

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Selecting The Right Babysitter (Part 1 of 2)

Whether you are a single working mother, a stay-at-home dad in desperate need of some “you time”, or a couple wanting a special date night, babysitters can come in pretty darn handy. Still, if you aren’t comfortable with the person you’ve chosen to provide child care in your absence, chances are the time you spend away from the kids will prove more stressful than being there to care for them yourself. In extreme circumstances, hasty or careless selection of a care provider can put a child in serious danger.

Here are some tips to help you make sure you’re doing everything possible to ensure quality care for your young ones while you’re away:

1. Ask trusted friends and family members who they would recommend from personal experience.

2. Look for someone older, rather than younger. Though more expensive, a babysitter over the age of 20 is likely to be more responsible, more able to understand risks, and generally take the task more seriously than a younger person who, in all actuality, still needs some amount of supervision themselves. Of course, this will vary greatly depending on the individual– so make sure you find out more about them than simply their numerical age.

3. In order to properly screen prospective child care providers, take time out to meet with them in your home. Discuss the job description and pay, tell them about your child’s personality and any behavioral problems that may be present, but spend the most amount of time talking about the individual that is being considered for the position. Ask about their upbringing, educational background, interests, hobbies, family status, health problems, etc. The goal is to be able to make educated judgments about what type of person they are and how good of a fit they are likely to be.

Protect those you love and care for the most with a home security system, which can provide a lifeline in case of medical emergencies, fires, and of course burglaries. I personally recommend ADT home security systems. ADT is the leading provider of home security systems in the U.S., with more than 100 years of experience.