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New Year Resolution ’09: Create A Home Escape Plan (For Real!)

Any situation that would cause your family to need to execute their home escape plan is going to be a frightening one. Fear can cause mistakes in judgment to be made, especially when young children are involved. Otherwise responsible kids can become overwhelmed by emergency situations and react in ways that make it difficult to get them to safety quickly, such as hiding, struggling, or simply freezing up. Although these defense mechanisms are perfectly normal, they can have tragic results.

Kids aren’t the only ones, either. Don’t forget that adults, too, can become flustered into poor decision-making. Even if you stay cool as a cucumber under stress, toxic gases can cause dizziness and disorientation that could cost you valuable time if you need to think about what to do next in order to get yourself and your entire family to safety. Fortunately, there is a simple, two-step way to combat the fear that arises from unexpected emergencies.

1 Expect them.

2 Have a plan.

Last year alone, there were 3,430 Americans killed in fires. Half of the fire related deaths reported are adults, the other half are children and senior citizens. The vast majority of these fatal fires occur in the victim’s own home. Properly executed escape plans have been proven to have the power to reduce those numbers significantly and really should be taken seriously.

To ensure your escape plan goes off without a hitch, each family member will need to know exactly what will be expected of them in the event of a fire or any other reason a family might need to abandon their proverbial ship. The only way to make sure everyone in your family knows their part is by practicing the home escape plan together. Make it fun, make it pizza night; most importantly, make it happen.

Even with a plan in place, your family‚Äôs first line of defense comes from knowing a few precautionary measures that will lower your household’s risk of ever having an uncontrolled fire break out. Make sure you have working smoke detectors or monitored fire detection provided by way of your home security system. Encourage family members to sleep with their bedroom doors closed. This reduces the chance of smoke inhalation occurring before fire or smoke sensors are triggered. Also, it takes about twelve minutes for a fire to burn through a typical wooden door. That gives the occupants about the same amount of time to get out of Dodge or, if unable, signal for help.

Protect those you love and care for the most with a home security system, which can provide a lifeline in case of medical emergencies, fires, and of course burglaries. I personally recommend ADT home security systems. ADT is the leading provider of home security systems in the U.S., with more than 100 years of experience.