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Garage Safety: Part II

4. Garages are often used to store toxic chemicals. If you are going to use your garage in this way, keep poisonous, flammable, or otherwise dangerous substances under lock and key, literally. Throw out any toxins that you don’t absolutely need to have around. Make sure that the products you do keep remain in their original containers with readable labels.

5. Never keep gasoline, propane, or kerosene in any type of container that wasn’t specifically designed for their storage.

6. Ladders should be stored horizontally to prevent them from being knocked over or climbed on.

7. Lawn tools should be stored either on secure wall brackets made to hold tools of the type you plan to hang from them or in an upright storage container such as a wooden box with high sides. In both circumstances, sharp or pointed ends should be pointed downward, and if wall-mounted, dangerous ends should point toward the wall.

8. Garages should be well-lit and free of clutter in walkways.

9. Install a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) the main circuit breaker or an outlet, this will not only prevent wires from overloading but will also protect against shocks.

10. Check the walls separating your home and garage to ensure that you have an effective fire wall that will prevent garage fires from quickly spreading to the rest of the house.

11. Throw out rags or towels that have been used in conjunction with gasoline, grease, paint, oil, or any other toxic or flammable substances immediately after use.

12. Make sure your garage has a fire extinguisher rated “A-B-C”, meaning the extinguisher can put out all types of fires, including wood and paper, electrical, and gasoline or grease fires.

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