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No More False Alarms: Two-Way Voice Home Security

Having a home security system is one of the best ways to protect your family and property. Whether you are home or not, your house can be continuously monitored for intruders, fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and even water damage. Now, due to technological advances, home security systems have just gotten even more practical. In addition to having become increasingly affordable over the last few years, there are new features available such as two-way voice intercom service that make having an up-to-date home security system more effective than ever before.
When a traditional home alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to a dispatch station where a dispatcher will then attempt to place a call to the residence in order to confirm the emergency. If the emergency is confirmed or no one can be reached, the dispatcher will next contact the local police station and have an officer dispatched based on the information they have been able to gather. Unfortunately, if no one is at home to confirm the emergency (which is most often the case in the event of an intruder) or for any reason cannot get to the phone to answer it, the police are dispatched on an “unconfirmed break-in”. This type of emergency does not carry nearly the level of priority as that of a confirmed alarm and, oftentimes, it can take much longer for personnel to respond.
Two-way voice intercom service stands to change all that. In a house equipped with intercom technology, the dispatch station has the ability to talk and listen by way of a speaker/microphone unit built directly into the security system that will activate any time the alarm is tripped; there is no button to push or hold in order to talk, in fact, there is no need to even be near the intercom unit because its microphone is sensitive enough to detect noises coming from anywhere in the home. This means the dispatch station will be able to identify any movement or other noises that could indicate more than just an “unconfirmed break-in” and dispatch police accordingly, a feature that, during an emergency, could very well make all the difference.
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