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Winter Activities For The Whole Family

Children love snow and there is just no escaping it. Before this winter turns to spring, try some fun of these six fun, healthy activities for the entire family. And don’t stop there, use these ideas as a jumping off point for inventing your own winter season family traditions that may very well carry on for generations to come.

1. If you live in or near a big city, chances are you will be able to find a horse-drawn buggy that you and the fam can ride around in. On chilly days, buggies will usually provide blankets to help keep you warm or you can always bring your own. This is also a great Mommy and Daddy activity for those special date nights.

2. Build a snow fort! If you’re lacking in the snow department, get to shoveling! By rounding up a driveway full of snow, you may end up with enough for a fort or two (worse case scenario you’ll have a clean driveway). Start your fort by hollowing out the center of a pile of snow and pack snow onto the “walls” until it reaches the desired height. Now it’s time for a friendly snowball fight!

3. Create a snow animal or a whole zoo of them! Snowmen are great for beginners, but why stop there? Get the family together and be creative– a snow penguin, snow lion, snow fish– the options are only limited by your imagination and the amount of snow you have available. If you’d like, mix together water and food coloring and apply with spray bottles to make your snow animals bright colors that will stand out from the rest of the snow.

4. Bundle up for a winter hike. While you’re out, see if you can find and identify animal tracks. If you don’t know what’s what, head to library or search around the internet to get ideas of the paw and other prints you’re likely to find in your area. Make a list of tracks to find, split the list, and see who can locate all their tracks first. After you and family become familiar with the animal tracks common around your home, try other locations to see if new types can be found. Play around using gloved hands and blunt sticks to try to make replicas of tracks. Don’t stop with bird and deer– dinosaurs are fair game as well!

5. Make an entire family of snow angels to represent all members of your family or whatever scene you and the kids choose. Use a squirt bottle with colored water to write welcoming messages near the snow angel family or label them with the names of the family members they represent.

As long as you make sure to bundle everyone up really well before you head out for your winter fun and games, they will be chilly but cherished memories for many years.

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