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Fun, Safe Winter Projects for Kids

Winter survival is something that humans have long had to contend with. Earlier in our history, the major concerns revolved around food availability and warmth. Nowadays we find ourselves with these needs neatly met, allowing us to turn our attention to other basic needs such as finding fun projects with which to keep the kids busy during the long, cold months that loom ahead. To save you some searching, here’s a safe, simple, and fun craft to get you started.
Build a snowman! Don’t worry, there are no coat or mittens required to make this guy, just a little help from Elmer (glue, that is) and a few supplies you probably already have lying around the house.
To begin, you or your mini crafting partner will need to gather: white glue, one small paper clip, a piece of waxed paper, a few scraps of black and orange paper, a hole punch, child-safe scissors, two tiny twigs, and a scrap of string or yarn long enough for hanging purposes.
Start the project by laying down a large enough piece of waxed paper to accommodate your snowman.
Next, show your child how to squeeze out or spread the white glue onto the paper into the shape of a snowman (Tip: It always helps if you make you own, it will prevent you from accidentally hogging all the fun in the noble name of instruction).
The next step is to unfold the paper clip for your little artist and shape it into a thin V before showing him or her how to put the ends of the paper clip into the glue at the top of the snowman to make a hook to hang it from later on.
Use the twigs to fashion arms and the hole punch to make black circles for use as buttons and eyes and arrange them however you and your child see fit (if they start to sink, wait until the glue dries a bit to try again).
It may take a few days, depending on how crazy you get with the glue, but make sure to let your finished snowman dry thoroughly before trying to remove it from the waxed paper.
Once the glue is dry and transparent, put the finishing touch on by threading the bit of yarn or string through the paper clip hook in Mr. or Mrs. Snowman’s head. Depending on the length of string, your little one can turn their snowman into a festive necklace, a charming window decoration, or an ornament cute enough to give as a gift. Be creative- the possibilities are almost endless!
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