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Keeping Kids Safe: Yard Safety

Some of my favorite memories of childhood are based around backyard picnics and lazy days in the hammock swing. Make sure your child’s backyard memories are happy ones by keeping the outside of your home as safe as possible.

1. Don’t allow children to play outside while a lawn mower or any other dangerous tool or piece of machinery is being operated. When not in use, ensure all tools and other yard and garden equipment are kept well out of harms way.

2. When grilling out, keep kids safely away from the cooking area. Keep your grill at least 10 feet away from the house, piles of brush, or anything else that could easily catch fire. Always stay alert and nearby when using a grill or other fire whether children are nearby or not.

3. If you have a pool or even a small fish pond, do not let children play in or around them without responsible adult supervision and even then, the adult should stay close enough to touch them at all times. All pools should have a security fence that covers all points of access equipped with a self-closing gate. Even large buckets can pose a drowning risk to small children; store buckets upside down to prevent them from accumulating water.

4. Keep all steps and walkways free from obstacles and in good repair.

5. If you have a play structure in your yard, cover the ground underneath with wood chips, mulch, or other material that will cushion falls.

6. Keep all chemicals, cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, fuels, and fluids put away and in a locked storage place.

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