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Choosing Your Escape Routes

One very good first step when planning your family’s home fire escape plan is to draw up a floor diagram of your house and highlight the regular and emergency escape routes. Every room should have at least two exit routes. This will help to ensure each member of the family knows the quickest way to get outside safely from anywhere in home. by at least two routes.

Family members should practice opening their bedroom windows in order to become familiar with their operation. Any non-functioning or sticky windows should be repaired immediately. The family should be instructed that, during a fire, if an exit window is stuck, it will need to be broken out with a hard object and a blanket or towel should be placed over the frame to keep climber-outers protected from sharp glass.

Make sure the whole family knows the safe way to exit from a window:

1. Slide out on the stomach, feet first.

2. Hang on with both hands.

3. Bend the knees when landing.

In 1987, a residential fire occurred in Phoenix. A family of four was tragically killed after becoming trapped behind security bars they had installed over their windows. If you decide your family needs that kind of extra security, only fire-safe bars equipped with a single-action quick-release device should be used.
Special provisions need to be taken into consideration if living in a home with infants, young children, or a disabled or elderly individual who may need additional help during an escape. This should be discussed while creating your family’s home fire escape plan so all members are kept in the know.

At a safe distance from the house, a special meeting place should be established. Choose something that isn’t likely to be moved, such as a neighbor’s flag pole or large tree. What ever location you choose, make sure everyone knows it is where to meet in the event of an emergency evacuation of the home. This will keep family members from wandering around looking for each another, or worse, being tempted to re-enter an unsafe house in an unnecessary rescue attempt.

Once outside, decide who will be the one to make sure the fire or other emergency is reported as soon as possible. If anyone is missing, relay that information to the fire department upon first contact and inform them of possible whereabouts. Never allow any member of the family to go back in the house for any reason.

Practice your home escape plan with the family often and make sure it gets updated if there are any pertinent changes.

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